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Welcome to Pegasus Business Information

Pegasus Business Information are a specialist food & drink business information company. We produce a growing portfolio of products & services to meet to the industry’s need for precise, up to date & easy to use information, in the following areas:

Food & Drink Manufacturers, Processors & Producers

Food & Drink Distributors, Suppliers & Wholesalers

Catering, Foodservice & Retail

Coming Soon

Food & Drink – Manufacturers & Suppliers Buyer's Guide

With over 4,000 contacts, 2,500 companies and listing hundreds of products and services, from access equipment to welding equipment from adhesives to springs from advisory services to waste management.

Ideal when you’re looking for new or alternative products & services searching for new business contacts or sales leads, sourcing new suppliers or business partners, or researching your competition?

Contact Data

Datasets for email, telephone and direct marketing

Contact data is available for direct, telephone & email marketing purposes. Please see 'Data Services' for further information.

Contact Files

Pre-packaged, sector data

These downloadable and pre-packaged contain up-to-date contact, demographic and communication details of companies within a given product sector or geographical area.

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